Day 164 – Friday

These last couple of days have been strange for me. I have not been super excited to work and dive in and get stuff done. I’m doing stuff, but it feels slow and out of focus. These are normal mood rhythms for me however I have not spent time writing about them before. The writing gives me a sense of accountability in several ways. I have to have an entry for each day. And some days I really don’t want to write anything. Or I don’t think there is anything to say. Because all that happened was minutia. Yet if I think about it, I’ve written several tens of posts where I spend the whole post geeking out over some minutia. The fact that I don’t think there is anything to say some days should be instructive to me about how I’m feeling.

I’m feeling more collected when I’m writing this and looking back seeing there actually is something to say.

I picked up a bunch of business cards this week, especially from the Folsom networking group. I looked at all of the cards and probably half of the websites. All of them need help. All of them have something I would change. That might be my different sensibilities about things. Though in some cases I think there are some pretty serious problems.  [Editor:  I’m excluding from this people who work at large financial and real estate firms.  Those folks have corporate marketing departments who designed cards that work for those industries.  Traditional but functional.  It’s people who do it themselves who are having trouble.  I’ve had the same troubles].

I don’t know if there is a business opportunity there that I want to take advantage of. I would like to know how successful some of these people actually are because I have to assume quite a few of them are struggling. Or they don’t need their website for their business.

These are questions I’m going to start asking people because I’m genuinely interested.

Minutia minute: I had a good strategy call with one client and did a bunch of research around something we are talking about. The research was on my dime because it is stuff I want to understand for my other clients. I suppose I shouldn’t think about it that way. Went grocery shopping to get some real food. I need to eat more real food.