Day 163 – Networking

I went to another morning networking group. This is all part of the same overall group, just different chapters in different parts of the Sacramento Metro area. There were about 25 people at restaurant in Folsom. It’s an interesting group and I’ll keep going to these 3 networking groups and see which ones stick for me. I made a couple of interesting contacts and I’ll see where that leads. I’m also interested looking at people’s business cards and websites and pondering what I would change that would help them. There are some pretty miserable looking websites and business cards out there.

It is interesting to see different business “cultures” too. It is some months since I’ve spent any time in Folsom and it definitely has its own feel vs other parts. I’d say more like stereotypical Southern California vibe than what I’m used to in Northern California.

Then I had a lunch meeting with a client to talk about business ideas and plan out his website upgrade for next week. This was our first meeting in person. I found him online when I was in Minnesota and it was good to finally put a name to a face.

This week has felt rushed and chaotic due to the networking events I’m going to in the morning. Better food planning for next week will help. I think I’m also still settling into a new routine now that I’m here rather than in Minnesota.

I did get started on a new website project that has been on hold for quite a while. I hope to have a prototype of it I can show soon.