Day 162 – Wednesday

I had a bunch of communication with clients and potential clients and ordered more business cards. Going to the networking groups they are going to go fast and the one I’m going to tomorrow morning says to bring at least 30 cards which is about how many I have left. I ended up placing two orders, one for a box of 50 printed in-store that I can pick up later tomorrow and another box of 250 that will take longer to get here but costs a lot less for printing. Same design and messaging, just different lead times.

I had another example where having multiple ways to pay me, monthly or yearly but with a discount, is good because I end up getting more money up front. Remember, kids, money now is worth more than money later. Even if you would make a higher dollar amount spread over time.

I thought more about selling benefits vs features. I’m seeing this in how some people present their businesses. A feature of a toothbrush is it keeps your teeth clean. A benefit of brushing your teeth with a toothbrush is your breath smells more fresh and you are more likely to meet members of the opposite sex. I think this is a clear example where you can charge a LOT more selling the benefit than the feature. This is marketing. That’s all it is.