Day 161 – Tuesday

I went to a small morning business networking meeting and met some interesting people. I think I did pretty well at talking about what I do by going to examples rather than trying to talk in the abstract. Talking about doubling a “client’s” tutoring rates resonated with one person and we talked after the meeting about it and how that might help him. Maybe I should start a coaching business.

I had a call with someone I met at WordCamp about possibly joining forces on some jobs and working together. We agreed it is worth continuing to talk about and we will do so.

Dinner was chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese, creme fraiche, and garlic. Very yummy.

I went to a WordPress technical meeting in the evening and learned about some upcoming changes. The presentation was by someone I consider a minor rockstar in the field and it was fun to meet him and chat briefly.

It has been a busy and crazy feeling day. I didn’t get as far as I wanted on prospecting for non-profits due to some setup time and other important work. I made the mistake of scheduling project time on a Monday even though this is Tuesday. Since yesterday was a holiday, it feels like Monday.

Adding network events to my calendar is breaking up my day in new ways I’m not used to. Making the contacts is super important but it is taking some time to get used to the disruption of going from introvert being social back to working solo on whatever I need to be working on.