Day 165 – Apple Hill

I took a brief drive up to Apple Hill this morning to pick up the usual things. I always stop at the High Hill Ranch for their donuts and an apple fritter. I ate the fritter and the donuts are for my daughters. Don’t let them know, it is supposed to be a surprise for college care packages.

Next over to Boa Vista Orchards for pears which are in season and then back home. It was a nice quick drive up and back. It is sad, though, that everything looks so dry.

Back home and I spent some time researching different options for online Webinar software. One of my clients is ready to start doing paid webinars online and I’m looking at what tools are available. You can spend lots of money and get fully automated systems with all sorts of marketing doodads and widgets. Or there are simpler options.

I concluded that I’ll recommend the simple path. It is a good lesson in not overplaying. It is likely there will not be that many signups for the first group. Lets say 10 people buy into the class. We could manage 10 people by hand. Emailing them manually. Manually registering them into the webinar system. Manually sending them follow up emails and quizzes and surveys and stuff.

So rather than investing a lot in fancy tools and we don’t know if they are needed, wait until automation is needed because we have become so busy. Being super busy managing the webinar will be a good problem to have.