Day 153 – Stormy Monday

Today was my girlfriend Chris’ first day back at school. As usual, she and colleagues go back a week early for motivational workshops of varying quality and time setting up their classrooms. I dropped her off early and then went to a coffee shop to wait until lunch time.

I got a couple of errands done and dealt with random client issues and research in the morning. For lunch we went to the Mexican restaurant we liked from last week. Chris had the street tacos again and I had a pork dish that was delicious.

In the afternoon I worked from her room while she did teacher things. I tried out a productivity technique I learned at WordCamp and it worked very nicely. Basically it is the simple idea of allocating time that afternoon to work on some specific things with email and phone turned off compared to my morning, I was willing to be interrupted by stuff. It worked. I was happy.

For dinner we had hamburger patties and broccoli and it was good. I packed up my suitcases and got ready for my flight tomorrow.

Oh. There was a storm. Just for me. It hadn’t rained in a while and a huge thunderstorm came through around 5pm. It came and went fast but I was able to go outside and watch some rain. Then more rain. Then a lightening strike that probably hit a tree behind the house that was scary loud. Then the rain got harder. Sheets of water going back and forth over the street. I was standing dry under the eaves outside the garage door. Then the wind blew my direction and walking the 10 feet from where I was standing to the front door, I became utterly drenched like I was in the shower. I love the weather here.