Day 151 – WordCamp Day 2

I finished up WordCamp today. There were some more really good talks. One in particular stood out for the quality of the presentation. Tracy Apps’ talk on User Experience was incredibly well done. She was clear and informative and didn’t feel at all rehearsed. Her delivery was very natural and smooth and engaging. And yet it was extremely precisely rehearsed because her presentation slides were very tightly integrated into her talk as if they were a natural organic extension of her talk. It is hard to describe but just watching and experiencing the presentation was a joy independent of the content which was also informative.

After everything was done, the organizers had rented out a restaurant down the street and a large number of people reconvened there for food and drink and more talking. It was fun. The Loring is a very cool old building that I would say is in stylish disrepair. There was also rumor that Bob Dylan once lived in an apartment there (he is from Minnesota, of course).

I’m really glad I went to all of this. I really enjoyed it. Next will be WordCamp Sacramento around the middle of September.