qJumpStart My Heart | Day 150 - WordCamp Day 1

Day 150 – WordCamp Day 1

I made it to 150 days. Both in life and in writing. I continue to enjoy the fact that I do this blog and it has made it much easier to plan out other writing. I don’t always enjoy writing this blog. Occasionally it is a chore. However the discipline of it I find helpful.

Today was day 1 of WordCamp, Minneapolis. I did a write up of the high points on my company blog here:

WordCamp Minneapolis 2018 Review

Overall the sessions were really good and I learned a lot. One session especially, Taming the Whirlwind, I think will help me a lot in how I work and getting things done more effectively. Their catered lunch was exceptional and people are very friendly and fun to meet. Considering this is $40 for 2 days, it is a great bargain.

Once home, I made Thai curry. I was really really tired and there wasn’t anything ready for dinner however I’ve learned I can basically make curry in my sleep. There are a bunch of steps and it requires a lot of vegetable prep but I’ve done it so many times, it is just easy food for me. And it tasted really good.

Then I managed to launch one of my client’s new websites. There wasn’t any rocket science there. It was all signed off and ready to go and needed to be migrated from the test server to the production server and I have standard procedures for that which I can also do in my sleep.

Then bed to rest up for day two of WordCamp tomorrow.