Day 148 – Wednesday

These recent days I take a walk and then go to work. I’m going to WordCamp in Minneapolis on Friday and Saturday and I’m trying to finish some things before then. WordCamp is a WordPress website conference.

The morning weather continues to feel really nice. I wonder if this is what going into fall is like here. The longer term 10 day high temperature forecast is in the low 80s vs the high 80s earlier this month.

I worked on eating more today. I have not talked about weight much recently but I have not lost any more over the summer. My weight continues to hover around 231-233 lbs and the best we can think of is that I’m not eating enough so my metabolism slows down. So I’m trying to eat more and by dinner time I was feeling uncharacteristically hungry which was a good sign. I’m careful in what I eat. The big change was adding an apple at breakfast and eating a larger lunch. I’ll keep working on that.

I have an update on the “Marketing Makeover” episode a few days back. My girlfriend Chris updated the sort of client she is looking for in her tutoring, now Academic Coaching, side work and doubled her rates. She also offers a slight discount if you buy blocks of sessions with her. (Something that worked for me as well). The first clients bought a block of 10 sessions to set themselves up for 2 sessions a week for the first month. She got an additional contact today for someone else with an urgent need to get someone to help out their son and Chris is going to meet with them tomorrow.

It is really gratifying to see basic effective marketing work to solve business problems. Getting paid in advance is fun, too.