Day 147 – Tuesday

This morning was finally a nice cool morning. I like to think that mornings before 8am should have a chill to them. While Minnesota hasn’t really been hot this summer, I wouldn’t say the mornings are cool. Now, people here will tell me that is a good thing because for most of the year, mornings, and days, and nights, and weekends are much colder than “cool” so enjoy the weather and the green and the fact you can wear shorts outside.  Point taken.

Still, I enjoy a cool morning. My 3.1 mile walk is becoming pretty routine and I’m glad about that. I have some thoughts about hikes in San Francisco when I get back and am looking forward to extending myself.

I got some good work done and helped my girlfriend Chris re-arrange some furniture in her classroom. School starts in a couple of weeks and she is getting ready.

On the way back, we stopped at a little Mexican restaurant she had found. It was really good. I had so far not found any decent Mexican food here and I knew it exists because Mexican people would want some. But we were having trouble finding anything. This small restaurant in Farmington of all places, is excellent. As good as any place I’ve been to in California and they are proud of making practically everything in house (including the tortillas, I think).