Day 146 – Fear, Dread, and Web Development

Woke up with a feeling of dread. Dread that I’m on the wrong path. Dread that I really don’t know what I’m doing or what direction I’m taking. Dread that I won’t get more customers because, in essence, I don’t know how I got the customers I have. I happened on them through a process called chance. (There is actually a shred of truth to the last sentence. The rest is mostly bonkers. But it is how I was feeling).

I went for my walk which felt pretty good and thought about a lot of things. When I was gardening on Saturday I was thinking about how to adjust one of my products to fix a problem for a customer I like and basically address fix a problem with a different customer. I took part of that idea and looked at a bigger problem. I’ve basically been describing myself as a web developer. This has never really felt comfortable as I do much more than that. Also, web developer is a commodity and that is a dangerous place to be marketing oneself.  (Commodity products are normally priced low because anyone can provide the same commodity.)

Returning from the walk I had it pretty clearly figured out how to label myself in a way that makes more sense and that I can talk about. I’m not going to talk about it here yet. But a lot of things are coming into place and feel right. No more dread for the day.

I worked on work stuff. Mostly on a project that isn’t my favorite. Worked more after dinner on one I do like. Launched the website of the non-profit I’m working with (exciting for them and me). And wrote up some notes about copywriting from some people I’m following on Twitter.

Overall an excellent day.