Day 145 – Sunday

I didn’t take a walk today because the air was still bad and I realize I need to take days off from time to time. I went to the farmers market and tomatoes are finally ripe enough for me to buy and they were good.

Overall it was just a relaxing day at home. We watched some shows and ate food and stuff. It felt pretty good.

I’m still thinking over my thoughts from gardening as well as from the “networking” session. I am making progress thinking about changing my own product offerings so they are more fair to my time and will fit with the needs of my clients. I’m also really excited about the project Chris’ friend was talking about yesterday. I see a really clear path forward for what she is doing.

The fact that I have a harder time seeing an easy path forward for me is instructive. Am I looking at what I’m doing the wrong way? Am I afraid of the path or the possible successful outcomes?

More on this tomorrow.