Day 140 – Tuesday

I’m back in the office after visiting with my daughter over the weekend.

I got my Craigslist advertisements posted. I like how it turned out and posted in both the Sacramento and Minneapolis/St Paul regions. I don’t know that I’ll get responses but I’m glad it is out there and it is a $10 experiment. Here is a link to it which will expire in 30 days (because that is how long the ads stay on Craigslist).

I also finished my demo fashion website. My daughters like how it look and Catherine especially now approves of the font choices. Now I can use this for some training videos I want to make. I also need to come up with a different demo site to make next. I’ll probably do an elegant minimalist blog site since that ties into work for the customer I’m starting with in September. Here is the fashion site. The woman presented as the site owner is a stock photo, not the real owner of the site.

Other work stuff happened. It was a pretty good day. I did a shorter walk (2.4 miles) today and will go back to my longer walk tomorrow. Walking didn’t feel easy so I didn’t go as far.