Day 141 – Red Sauce Casserole

I took my “regular” 3.1 mile walking loop today and walking is still harder than it was last week. My girlfriend Chris points out I did walk extra long when Catherine was visiting due to the walking in the Mall of America and that makes sense. I’ll do shorter tomorrow and build back up.

I did various client work and was trying to get everything done earlier in the day since Chris and I were going to the Rod Stewart / Cyndi Lauper concert tonight. Then when she called to check on parking, she learned the concert is delayed. Rod Stewart is suffering from strep throat and had to cancel his Kansas City show last night. So no concert. We are disappointed though Chris will still be able to see him when the concert hopefully reappears in October.

Instead I made meatballs for dinner since there is leftover red sauce and we played board games and watched shows.

The thing that I cook that isn’t lasagna we have decided to call “red sauce casserole”. In case you were wondering…