qJumpStart My Heart | Day 131 - Sunday

Day 131 – Sunday

I took the longer walk this morning over to the Caponi Art Park. It wasn’t open yet as expected but I got to the gate and walked back for 3.1 miles round trip and the walk felt ok. This won’t be my daily routine yet but I wanted to try it out.

After breakfast, my girlfriend Chris and I had some errands to run to the famers market and some other food stores. She wanted to make pickles and I needed some things for dinner and we were almost out of chocolate.

I spent the afternoon doing some social media communications and catching up on my blog. I had gotten to the point where there were no more posts scheduled so I needed to finish 2 weeks of drafts. I still had some rough notes from the trip to Tennessee to finish and photo work to do but I ended up catching up which felt good.

Monday Chris and I are presenting at a teaching conference. We will be doing a morning session about the coding classes she teaches and I help with. We finalized our notes for that and have to be on the road by 6:15, in case of traffic, to drive across town to the west

I spent some time over the weekend going back to thoughts of my ideal customer. I sort of shifted to my ideal being people with difficult problems to solve and I’ve come to decide that isn’t a good solution since there isn’t an internet based search that can easily answer that one.

I had been thinking about non-profits and thought there might not be enough money in that world. The two guys at the networking meeting a couple weeks ago (the ones doing data analysis for the real estate people) liked the idea of something more cash rich and that non-profits might be especially hard. I think they like to move fast and are excited to hustle among the real estate and finance folks.

I’ve also gotten some good personal reactions from a couple of people to the idea that I would talk to non-profits at all. People see some nobility in it, I suppose. It is harder though I’m honestly not sure it is really any harder to find available money from clients. It is certainly something that is searchable on the internet, though. Like I can search for registered non-profits and find contact information, etc, etc. It feels right.