Day 130 – Saturday

I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s episode but there was an amazing thunder storm last night. There was a pretty good one in the morning as well but last night’s had driving wind and pouring rain and constant flashes of thunder. I kept delaying the game of Catan going outside to look at it. They humor me since they know I was deprived of any interesting weather growing up as a child in California.

We drove up north to visit my girlfriend Chris’ parents and separately her sister. It was a nice day. Driving up we listened to some interesting podcasts about Bill Browder and Russia (from the “Stay Tuned” podcast). This story regarding the Magnitsky Act is quite compelling and as informative about current Russian strategies as is the recent documentary Icarus.

As I said our lists were nice. And Chris’ mom made really good hamburgers. And Chris’ sister made a really delicious zucchini chocolate cake. And I still think having to come up with contrived ways to use extra zucchini is very funny but the cake was delicious.

At least people don’t try to make cakes out of kale. Or do they?