Day 126 – Running Aces Again

I had a good walk and went all the way around the lake nearby. It was about a 2.6 mile walk according to my phone and felt good. I’m still under an hour for my walk so there is room to extend it longer over time. I’ll stick to this walk for a while and get used to it.

Work involved revising my email signature which can be a more elaborate process than you might think. Getting technical, I use a web service to generate the template for the email signature. For irritating historic reasons, fancy formatted email is really complicated under the hood. They are built like little web pages but with very limited capabilities. So the web service generates the basic signature and then I go in and tweak it inside and move the images used in the signature to my own world vs the world of the web service. I don’t intend to change this often but I wanted a change.

Afterwards I worked on some client work. Ended up feeling anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to complete projects or know what I’m doing and had an “interesting” time watching myself respond to different stresses. Once I realize what is happening I can step away from feeling that way but it is annoying that I worry about what I’m capable of. This paragraph is more a note to myself.

Running Aces

We went back to Running Aces for harness racing to visit with some of my girlfriend Chris’ friends. It was fun. I didn’t bet this time, I just chatted and watched horses go around the track.