qJumpStart My Heart | Day 127 - New Ice Cream

Day 127 – New Ice Cream

Today was a pretty productive day. I had a good client strategy call and we mapped out next steps for marketing work. I’m hourly on this one and I’m trying to be efficient with my time and strategic with what I do vs what gets delegated back to the client (like writing final versions of emails and website messages vs me writing a rough outline of what I think is important to say with instructions to re-write it in her own voice. that sort of thing).

I finally started work on a brief article for my business website. I have several planned and time wasn’t naturally opening up to write so I’m forcing there to be time carved out to write. There are several long term reasons I need some more articles written. Hopefully more on that in the coming weeks.

I talked with a local freelance writer to get a sense for whether there might be some future opportunities to work together if/when I find a client that needs a bunch of writing work. As slow as some things are going, I am successfully meeting a growing handful of people who do related things to what I do (skills that can help small businesses and non-profits grow in different ways). Before this summer, I didn’t have a network nor have any idea how to start one. Now, I’m slowly growing a network.

After dinner, my girlfriend Chris and I went to try a new ice cream place she had read about. It sounded pretty amazing, having a roster of 1000 flavors they cycle through, or that they invent regularly.  They use lots of local and organic ingredients.  They sound creative. It is in a really cute building with an alley turned into a gorgeous outdoor garden/patio space. On weekends they are a cafe and during the week just serve gelato.

However, they are even more expensive than Izzy’s ice cream (our favorite local place) and despite them having unique flavors, it wasn’t that exciting. We had a hard time choosing something and what we chose wasn’t good enough for us to want to come back at that price. We will stick to Izzy’s for now.