Day 124 – Relaxing Sunday

Today was pretty relaxing. There was some garage cleaning and some tv/movie watching.

I designed and ordered new business cards. I wanted something that was clear and easy to read and had my photo. My previous card had too much information, I felt. It had bullet points about the sort of work I do and so forth and a company logo. And dots. I like dots.

But I decided it is a safer/better approach to use the business card as a way of giving out contact information and nothing more. If I’m having a good conversation about what I do and what someone else does, then I’m talking about the sort of information I though I wanted on my business card already. Plus I intend to reach out to anyone interesting via email or some other means soon after I meet them if we seem like a good match. So then when they receive that contact from me, they may look up my card, see my picture, and remember the contact more easily.

OfficeDepot does same day printing of basic business cards for about $10. And they were done same day even on Sunday. Rather than designing the card from scratch, I used one of the off the shelf templates. I’m happy with the result. I’ll pick up the cards tomorrow. Once this box of 50 is gone, I’ll decide if I’m happy with the design and if I should buy a higher volume with a better paper stock. I might eventually also get multiple versions to test out how different designs work. Going to more networking events I’ll have more opportunity for experiments.