Day 120 – Back to Minnesota

We had a nice but uneventful drive back to Eagan, Minnesota. We got on the road by about 8:30am and stopped to eat our leftover BBQ from the day before about halfway. It felt good to finally see the Minnesota sign and start to see more lakes (lots of lakes here).

We stopped at a local Aldi market to get food for dinner, got home, unpacked, had dinner and slept. I was trying to sleep by 7:30pm. The last two days of driving had apparently tired me out.

The next time we travel we are definitely bringing our own coffee and coffee maker. I think when we went on our road trip last summer to Florida, we happened on better coffee along the way. This time we didn’t and while we don’t buy fancy expensive coffee drinks, just basic coffee, paying $3 for a cup of crappy coffee hurts.

We will also pay a little more for hotels that have kitchens in the rooms. What we paid for in bad to not very good food in Pigeon Forge, for example, would have been saved by cooking ourselves.

It was a nice trip. I’d like to go back to Nashville again and spend some more days exploring music there. I’m not traditionally that interested in Country Music. I do enjoy listening to groups play older country (pre-Garth, nothing against Garth Brooks, though) vs modern work.  It is relaxing and I enjoy watching really talented professional musicians play live.  For example, I can’t see myself enjoying listening to different bands doing Rock covers for example (loud). If it was EDM, then would be a dance festival and I would need glow sticks and a source for MDMA. I like jazz but that can get pretty esoteric at times. Nashville is fun for now.