Day 121 – Thursday

I spent time catching up on this blog and scheduling upcoming posts and doing other work and calls.

We had slow cooker ribs for dinner which were better than the ribs we got on the way back to Hannibal. Zack at ZZQ really does make excellent BBQ. The ribs at BB’s Lawnside BBQ in Kansas City are the best we have had but ZZQ is very good around the Twin Cities.

We are enjoying getting back to eating right here, adding salads to dinner, blueberries and cream as a snack before bedtime.

I went to the local WordPress User’s Group meeting tonight and met some new and interesting people. Overall, I’m finding it easier and easier to get out of my shell and meet people. The WordPress group is friendly. Maybe Minnesota just feels more friendly. Maybe my girlfriend is a great influence. Maybe lots of things but I’m enjoying it.