Day 109 – Saturday

My girlfriend Chris and I left early to visit her parents near Brainerd, MN. We drove separately because we were ferrying a car back to her sisters and then over to her parents.

With my morning walking and the drive today, I’ve had a lot more time to listen to podcasts and got through most of the backlog that accumulated since I stopped working at RocketLife in October.  Since not having an hour round trip commute per day, I had a lot less time to devote to listening.

Podcasts I enjoy

  • Rational Security
  • On The Media
  • Stay Tuned with Preet
  • The Atlantic Interview
  • The Hilarious World of Depression
  • Trump, Inc
  • ReWork

There are some others that I may get to listen to more regularly now.

Back to the blog… We had a nice visit with her parents. Chatting about different things, cleaning windows, looking through old photos, and watching the Minnesota Twins lose to the Tampa Bay Rays (at least it looked like it by the 8th inning when we left).

I also had a nice long call with my daughter, Elizabeth. We had not had a chance to talk in a few weeks and it was fun to catch up. One thing that came up in discussion is that anytime you read something here in the blog that seems like a problem or worrying, it will probably be better by the time you talk to me. I’ve always had ups and downs, I’m just documenting them now where I wouldn’t normally talk about them before.

And reading these entries several days after I write them when I schedule them onto the blog is also helpful. I see the trends and progress over time as I go back and read what I wrote several days before and think about what has happened since then.