qJumpStart My Heart | Day 104 - More Products

Day 104 – More Products

I looked into the local Chamber of Commerce events schedule and didn’t see enough events this month to make it worth looking into further. I did see a note from a Minneapolis networking group that are having a visitors event early tomorrow morning (8:30am and across town) so I’ll plan on going to that. I want to meet more people in business. Meet them and talk to them. Practice my message and get more experience talking and pretending to be extroverted (spoiler:  I’m an introvert. some of you might not have noticed…)

I got “products” set up on my company website. Using a tool I bought yesterday, I made it easy for me to create web pages describing each of my products and having a directory of them automatically show up on a product listing page. This is rather than having to manually update that page and gives me a convenient way to organize the products. This would normally require some programming/coding even with WordPress. For $67/year it saved me a bunch of time and gives me some fun things I’ll be able to do for client websites that need it.

Go to my main home page and click on “Products” to see what I mean.

When my girlfriend Chris got home, we went to a small birthday reception for a woman she knows from Son’s of Norway and met some interesting people there. And also got a lead on a local website that lists non-profit organizations in the area who are looking for help / volunteers / talent and that may lead to some good ideas.

People here were talking about how hot and humid it was today. This actually made me pretty happy because while it was warm and sort of humid, it was nowhere near as bad as a bad day in Sacramento nor a bad day in Florida. If this is about as bad as summer gets here, then I’m pretty happy.