Day 105 – Physical Networking

I went to a business networking meeting in the early morning and a WordPress social gathering in the evening. Then went to meet my girlfriend Chris and her friends at harness racing after. Once I got there she had her big win on the last race so I wish I had gotten there earlier.

The morning meeting was good and I think I would enjoy joining a group like that except that they require regular attendance.  While I could go to a related chapter of the group when I’m not in Minneapolis/St Paul, there is no related chapter near Sacramento so that group is out.

The WordPress social gathering was interesting ultimately for showing me some things I don’t want to do and solidifying my views on why I want to do business a certain way. For example, I don’t want to end up with a bunch of customers that frustrate me. I’d rather just not work with those people, even if they want to pay me a bunch of money. Things like that.

Minnesota does have a lot of mosquitoes depending on the time of year and where you go. But it still doesn’t get as hot or uncomfortable as a bad Summer day in Florida or California.