Day 103 – Ligretto

Sunday was pretty relaxing. My girlfriend Chris and I went to a local farmers market. I’d say farmers market prices are about 40% higher here than in Sacramento but with much higher quality of produce than in stores. We got some green beans, squash, and Thai basil (and bonus sweet basil when we bought the Thai).

I worked some on some company website revisions for a new front page message (basically, your website has a problem, I can help you, call me) and started on setting up an automated way of displaying the products that I sell on my site (which are services packaged as products). if you want to look.

After dinner we went through a bunch of kitchen and near kitchen cabinets to clean out old things and free up space. Now there is more space and it was surprisingly fun.

Ligretto GameThere was also an interlude of playing the card game Ligretto with friends who stopped by.  Ligretto is played with 2 to 12 players building stacks of cards in numeric sequence and matching colors.  There are no turns, people go through their own decks by 3s like in Klondike solitaire.  Whomever slaps down a card first on a pile gets that spot so reflexes are important.  Long arms can help.  Watching everyone elses’ cards while you watch yours as well can help.  It is fun.  Not all sets have English rules. If you need English rules, let me know and I’ll scan the set we have.

Monday I’m going to contact the local chamber of commerce about joining so I can go to their Networking events. There is also a sales guy who I’ll be contacting late next week about finding some local people via cold calling here who need work done. Late next week timing is due to his lead time and our being out of town for a few days late next week. More details later…