Day 101 – Game Night

Today’s walk was over 2 miles and didn’t seem that hard. I’ll stick to that distance for a few days to get used to it. Ultimately I want to be walking an hour a day, 4-5 times a week.

Most of work time today was mapping out a basic system for tracking my customers and contacts. There are commercial systems I can use for that but none have seemed quite right for me and / or are expensive. The extra trick I want is to easily manage products (packaged services) that I sell. I get this weird sense that most of these tools are meant to do everything up to the point you make a sale or make a deal. I don’t know how people manage life after that point. I’m missing something.

Either way, my girlfriend Chris suggested, why not use Excel spreadsheets. Simple and annoyingly manual but it will work. From there I pondered how it might be automated but I’ll stick to simple for now. I did find a software package that will let me build a custom tool I want with minimal programming. I won’t spend time on that yet but it is nice to know what is possible.

I created a couple more pages for products (E-Commerce website builder, E-Commerce consulting) that I can send out to people when I find the right fit. The inspiration there was responding to requests on, though that still seems quite expensive.

Between turn sculptures

We went to a birthday dinner for Chris’ friend’s roommate and then all 6 of us came back home for game night and playing Catan