Day 100 – 5th of July

Today is day 100 after my surgery. I feel great. I didn’t walk today because I felt a slight twinge in my ankle yesterday so I’m taking a break but physically I’ve been feeling very good. There is basically no discomfort from my surgical scar, just some very slight muscle tightness. The skin remains numb as it does over large parts of my lower right leg. I think parts of my leg are less numb than they originally were. Overall very good. I still get pretty tired after a long day of intense thought in my work, plus walking, etc. All normal.

My weight continues to not go down. What we are thinking is that I’m not drinking enough water and not eating enough. Yes, you have to eat enough to lose weight. We will work on making that more regular for all our sakes.

I had a good marketing call with one of my clients today. She bought more consulting hours and I was happy that all of the immediate work is now in her court. As in, my strongest advice to her was to go get this one thing done so we can start to promote it on her website and on social media and to people she knows. She is on a pretty exciting path for her business right now.

Other work happened the rest of the day, dinner was left overs we needed to eat through and by evening I was pretty tired. The weather has cooled down here some which is pretty nice, too. Overall a good day.