Day 99 – 4th of July

Today was the 4th of July in Eagan and the plans were to see the Parade in the morning and Fireworks in the evening. I wanted some time to keep working to prepare for a call tomorrow (Thursday).

My girlfriend Chris and I got parked and setup near the street by around 9:30am for the 10am parade. One of the officers nearby commented on the dark cloud in the distance and we remembered there was indicated a slight chance of rain. But clouds move quickly here. It is Minnesota.

July 4th Parade
Waiting in the rain for the 4th of July Parade, Eagan, MN (it got cancelled)


There were a couple of impressive lightening flashes in the distance. Then there were a few drops. Then it was raining California style. Then it was really raining. We moved back to be under a tree which helped some. Though the camp chairs were getting pretty wet. I was standing, Chris remained sitting (we were getting wet anyway). Interestingly, many many other people had thought to bring umbrellas. Chris likes the rain. It got a little harder, and then the wind started. We decided to abandon our post at this point, I had been hoping the parade would still start. We sloshed back to the car and left. The parade did in fact get cancelled.

I worked on marketing research and pulling together material for my presentation tomorrow. I read some useful information about Facebook ads and got inspired by some ideas to get users to visit my own web site.

I made a pasta free lasagna for dinner that was pretty good. Basically you put all of the elements together in a baking dish that aren’t pasta and bake it. I think a key insight is that baked ricotta cheese just tastes good anyway. I also feel if you eat it cold with a spoon it is a little like ice cream. I had a moment thinking of chocolate ricotta cheese.

Eagan, MN 4th of July Fireworks

We went back over for the 10pm fireworks show and that was fun. It wasn’t raining and we had a pretty good view.