qJumpStart My Heart | Day 98 - Products

Day 98 – Products

I have a blog writing schedule now. I try to write notes the morning after the day in question. I also do very very little editing now between notes and scheduling it in a blog post on the website. It is nice that practicing writing helps is get better. At least for this level of writing.

I had a 9am client call and had a good marketing discussion brainstorming session. We will follow up on Thursday and I have a bunch of stuff to research and prepare for that meeting. Her goal is to make enough money short term to reinvest in her business to pay folks like me to help her grow her coaching business.

I finished my two product pages, tested out the payment part and forwarded them to another client. I’m happy how they turned out and how I can have discounts for volume purchases. I mean I can have whatever I want however the concept is there and helps my thinking.



I emailed that client, recommended the lower cost offering and suggested an alternative solution for one complex problem he has. He emailed back pretty quickly liking the idea of using a 3rd party product to solve his one complex problem and saying he will do month to month website maintenance for now and when he can afford it, do the yearly pre-buy to save more money. Made me feel pretty good. I think I’ll call it aspirational pricing. Having something that costs more, has value, and is appealing to the client. Some of them will try to get the bigger thing.

The point of the discounts for volume is that it is better to get money right now than money spread out over time even if the money right now is less than I would have gotten later.

Some of my girlfriend Chris’ friends came over to eat tacos which were good and while they played Catan well into the night, I continued working on marketing homework/preparations for the Thursday call so I have less to do tomorrow on the 4th of July.