qJumpStart My Heart | Day 97 - Monday

Day 97 – Monday

Today I worked pretty solidly and got quite a bit done. The main thing I’m finishing up is getting web pages set up for each of my products which initially will be blocks of consulting hours for sale and website maintenance which addresses the immediate needs of current and near future clients. I’m also going to offer up local 1 on 1 training where I show up for 90 minute sessions.  They can be anything from teaching you how to use WordPress to sitting with you and fixing stuff. This costs more than buying hours from me but I can see it being helpful for many.

As I think about the product concept more it is fun to think about bundles and upsells and at the least discounting price somewhat as you buy more of things. Like a year of website maintenance costs less than a month of it. 40 hours of my time is 26% less than a 5 hour block.

Dinner was chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms and cheese and leftover red sauce we had in the freezer. Plus green beans and yellow squash. It was yummy.

And out of time order, my walking is still going well. I’m getting around my 1 mile loops of the two immediate blocks here and think I will branch out tomorrow. The hills really aren’t bothering me any I’m getting done in about 18 minutes. I would soon like to extend my walks to an hour. I’ll do that gradually but I’ll start tomorrow.