Day 96- Sunday

Drove back to the Twin Cities and had a pretty quiet and nice day.

I spent a lot of time thinking about turning my company service offerings into products and figured out some products and pricing that make sense for my near future clients. It breaks down into buying blocks of my time or signing up for maintenance services or web redesign services.

However, by calling them products I’ll have a separate web page to describe each where I can discuss the relative value, bullet point out each feature of the product, and have a form at the bottom where you can pay for the product. Once you pay, work can start. Easy.  No need to invoice clients specifically, either.

I invested in a WordPress add-on for web based forms to easily enable the payment part. I had hesitated in the past on the price for this particular one (around $250) but it has features that will help me and help current and future clients and does way more than I could do writing it myself so it is an investment I’m willing to make. (If you want surveys, quizzes, and polls on your website, that is easy for me to add now. Among other things). I’ll post product pages when I have them as an example of what I’m talking about. I’m not doing this to try to sell through this blog, it will just make more sense to see than to read my description here.