Day 95 – Saturday

I decided to brave the morning warmth at 7:30am and took my walk. It was probably around 80F outside with some humidity but with the breeze it was bearable. This is unseasonably warm for the Twin Cities but it is supposed to cool down a bit after this. I really am enjoying getting my morning walks in and they keep getting easier. When I was walking in Sacramento it was all flat and I’m getting pretty used to the hills on this one so I will start extending my distance when we are back at my girlfriend Chris’ house.

We drove to visit her parents and will come back tomorrow afternoon, Sunday. It is a pretty easy 2 1/2 hour drive north from the Twin Cities to the Brainerd, MN area. Everything is green and there was some traffic since it was Saturday. Even though there are 10,000 lakes, on weekends people like to go to lakes elsewhere in the state vs their local lakes. Hence the migration.

We had a nice visit, I like her parents.  We watched the Twins lose to the Cubs on TV (it was REALLY hot in Chicago which looked miserable and several players left the field early due to heat exhaustion), had very good lasagna for dinner and except for Fox News it was pretty fun.