Day 93 – Izzy’s

Izzy's Ice Cream
Izzy’s is my favorite in the Twin Cities.

I had follow up call with both of my potential clients. Both want to work with me and I’m still working out business arrangements with one of them.

Once of them, a personal coach, is buying consulting hours from me to discuss website promotions and marketing outreach.  She has a reasonable business plan and seems pretty confident in what she is doing and just needs a lot of help making the tech side go faster. It is an interesting business. And there was one key thing I said that convinced her to hire me for both jobs she needed done rather than just one of them. We have a paid training call scheduled tomorrow. Once she pays my invoice.

The other one runs a brick and mortar wholesale product business and needs help with his site. Up until yesterday he thought he had to get the website rebuilt from scratch because that is what previous people told him. I told him different and fixed his problem as well. He will pay for that at my hourly rate and then we are still working out what payments will be going forward. I’m experimenting with not rushing that conversation as much. His homework is to write down a list of ALL of the things he thinks need to be done now so I can look at them and see what there is to do.

In the evening I attended a WordPress discussion group put on by the Minneapolis St Paul WordPress Users Group. It was really fun and I met some interesting people. It is a very welcoming group of talented people. I feel like I fit in well here. The talk was amazing, about how to improve your freelance development business and I learned a lot of useful things. It was sort of like a really good marketing presentation that gave out lots of value but without the pitch at the end to buy the expensive training program with the free steak knives. I look forward to going back next month. I can even go back in August, which will also be on the first day of the State Fair (deep fried cheese curd) and the day before WordCamp Minneapolis starts. Lots of fun here.

Izzy's Flavor Lineup
These were the flavors available at the Minneapolis Location. Flavors rotate through an assortment of around 150 total over time.

Chris drove me to the event and after we went to Izzy’s for ice cream. It was really good. I think Vic’s is slightly better but they are really close and hard to compare. I had chocolate chip, vanilla bean, with creamy coconut for my Izzy scoop. Chris had black licorice, ginger, and a malted vanilla Izzy scoop. The downtown Minneapolis location had a line down the block so we went to the St Paul location and it was much less crowded.  We get email alerts when our favorite flavors of ice cream are available in either Izzy’s location.