Day 92 – Puff Balls

Finished troubleshooting and solving the website issue I started yesterday. This will lead to a new client and how that works will depend on what money he has to spend. I’ve intentionally avoided talking to him about money specifics yet. He doesn’t seem crazy and I’m coming in and fixing something that 2 or 3 previous people couldn’t figure out. Plus he was last told he would have to rebuild the site from scratch to fix it and that is definitely not the case. So 3 hours of work at my high rate will be much less than he was otherwise looking at.

Puff balls floating around and collecting here and there

In between a couple of things I looked outside and there were little puff balls floating everywhere. It looked like a scene from and overly stylized film. Nothing I could really photograph but fun to watch.

My girlfriend Chris’ daughter and her husband fly back to Norway tonight. It has been fun visiting with them and we are sorry to see them go.