Day 80 – What do you do?

Today was mostly working. Some of which was spent getting back to my marketing/sales book and homework. That is continuing to be a lot of fun. The fun comes from growing confidence in seeing how I can talk about what I do in interesting and entertaining ways. Rather than answering “what do you do” with “I help build websites and stuff”.  Or “I’m a web developer”.  That one can be problematic since I contend that most people have had bad experiences with their last web developer so I risk the person I’m talking to going “ugh, I hate web developers”.

I’d rather go through “What do you do?”, “I work with performing arts groups.  You know how they are always trying to reach a larger audience and funding is always a challenge?  I work with them to help grow their audiences.  There are a number of methods I work with”.  And so forth.  Of course one of the methods is to improve their website.  Another is to setup ways to accept donations online or setup an automated mailing list for their fans.  But really what I do is listen to them, help articulate what they need and translate that into a technology solution.  For money.

My mom, stepdad, DaughterA and I went out to dinner at the Zinfandel Grille which was good as usual. I especially liked the mustard chicken I tried. It was a pretty good day overall.