Day 79 – Cooking

Last night was fun. DaughterA came over and we made Thai curry together (And I keep forgetting to take pictures). She says she had not made it before so this was extra fun. We chopped up ingredients together. This one had eggplant, squash, carrots, and pork in it. Then I walked her though the cooking steps. Everything goes into the wok in the right order, simmers till it is done, and then it is yummy. It was really good.

Can of Savoy Coconut Cream
Official Coconut Cream of Michael’s Curry Dishes

Having the right coconut milk is important. I have ben using the pictured brand of coconut cream for about the last year and like it the best so far. Also having access to kaffir lime leaves is important, as is fresh Thai basil. It was a flavorful visit.

I feel much better today and slept well last night. My energy level seems back to normal.