Day 73 – Books

I spent the day not thinking about moving. There are still some things to bring over but DaughterA will help with that tomorrow and then everything will be out.

That left time to get back to working which felt good. I migrated one website away from GoDaddy hosting (which I can’t recommend) over to the Amazon Web Services hosting I’m using. And then continuing work on a new site for the Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation.

Work and making Cobb salad for dinner has left me pretty tired. All that worry about a dining room table has left me tuckered out.

Here are pictures of most of the books in my book cases, feel free to browse.  I have not read all of them all the way through.  A few I still need to start.  Some are reference.  Some, like the college textbooks in the bottom of the second photo I can’t part with though I’ll likely never refer to much again.  I like books.