Day 72 – Moving Day

Almost like new

Today was moving day.  The movers arrived on time and were very professional.  I used the same company this time as when I moved in, SC Movers, and I was just as pleased.  There were 3 strong young men and a large truck.  I was most anxious about my very large heavy dining room table and I was relieved it got around the corner down the stars into the truck out of the truck past the gate through the back yard and into the back door safely.  That all had me worried.  They were fast and efficient and done in a couple of hours.

The rest of the lighter things at my apartment will get moved out over the weekend and then cleaning and then done. The books are all unpacked and in the 2 book cases and need to be re-arranged by subject (photos to follow). My other computer and second monitor is setup. Networking has been extended to by desktop computer. I feel a lot more relaxed now that I’m at this point.