Day 74 – Tired Again

Yesterday I was feeling pretty much exhausted by around 6pm. I went to bed around 6:30pm and slept pretty soundly till around 3:30am and got up at 4am. It seems like I’ve been doing a lot this week. I woke up fairly rested though still feeling tired.

I spent the day with DaughterA which was very nice. We went to the farmers market, moved more stuff out of my apartment, we spent a lot of time chatting, we went to lunch and ice cream with my mom and stepdad. Vic’s Ice Cream is still very good.

And by 5pm I was feeling pretty exhausted again. I went to bed around 7pm, watched some things and went to sleep.

It isn’t uncommon to lack energy after surgery by this point. Reading online it sounds much more common than not.. Fatigue is also a side effect of my current blood pressure medicine. In my case I think I feel fine on normal days. On a day like today, I walked up and down the stairs 5 or 6 times which I understand is a lot of effort. I’m doing fine.