Day 52 – Daughters

In the morning I drove my daughters on some errands since their car wasn’t available.  It is so much fun to see them in person.  DaughterA who just flew in the night before seemed surprisingly rested considering she just finished finals and moving out of her dorm room and flying home.

DaughterB seemed rested except for the fact that it was morning.  Later they came over for a dinner of chicken marsala. We talked and visited more.  They were amused by this years WH Correspondence Dinner comedy video I had saved on Youtube.  Really, it is much funnier than those it made fun of (politicians and media) were willing and able to admit.

In between the morning and evening visit, I got my latest website article ready to publish. I should be able to put it up on my business website tomorrow.

My daughter at her Spring Recital

I got to see the video of DaughterA’s end of semester piano recital as well.  Watching/listening I was impressed by how confident her playing has become. She made the piece look easy and natural to play despite its obvious technical and musical challenges. I’m glad she is able to find time to keep up with her piano lessons, they are a good stress relief for her. I’d love to post a link to the performance itself, but, you know, I’m privacy conscious. Contact me direct if you want a link to it.