Day 51 – French Toast

All I ever eat is the Seasonal French Toast

I had a nice brunch this morning with DaughterB.  Brunch was at Sacramento’s Tower Cafe where we both had the usual; the seasonal french toast.  It was delicious.   And no, not on my regular eating plan.

It was great to catch up with how she is doing in school, how my business is doing, and more information about her internship this summer.  We share excitement over the Netflix food show Ugly Delicious (highly highly recommended, though it offends some people, it seems).

I was also happy to hear that without much drama, DaughterA was able to vacate her dorm room solo and get to the airport.  I think we are all getting together sometime tomorrow.

Afterwards, I came back and worked on a training video for one of my clients and started work on a blog post for my business.  The SEO research I’m doing pointed out a good method to find high demand search topics for which articles should be written.  The idea is to provide helpful content on your website to draw people in via search requests.  Draw enough people and you will find people who need your services who then turn into customers.

I found a handful of intriguing search terms where there is a straightforward article to write for which a lot of people make search requests and strangely there are relatively few answering articles.  Thus a shortage of good content.  So I’m writing and will put it on my site and see what happens.  Nothing will happen fast but the sooner it get these things done, the sooner something will happen. I feel better moving forward than staying still.  (And it will take a few days before Google re-indexes my site to pick up the new article).