Day 50 – Boring

I continued to study search engine optimization and did client work.

I find the swelling in my leg has stopped getting worse.  I believe my right ankle/foot is slightly more swollen than my left but it doesn’t get worse and I don’t particularly keep it elevated.  So I conclude by this point that I’ve regenerated a good quantity of new veins in that leg.

I’m Bored I’m Bored I’m Bored I’m Bored I’m

It has been harder for me to keep up with my daily notes for the blog the last 3 days.  I’ve been thinking about what to make of that.  Maybe my days are routine enough with no heart surgery recovery issues that I’m just trying to get on with life.  Or so routine that every day for the last couple days has mostly seemed like the same to me.  Or I’m feeling slightly down.

I’m not quite sure.

However, I’ve not ended up feeling depressed about life or my situation or anything like that.  I am looking forward to DaugherA coming back to California this week and I get to have brunch with DaugherB tomorrow.  I’m also looking forward to spending time in Minnesota later this summer.  And eating deep fried cheese curd at the end of the summer.

There, I filled up more space on today’s entry. Yay 🙂