qJumpStart My Heart | Day 49 - SEO

Day 49 – SEO

7 weeks on.  I continue to feel normal.  Not much to report on today, I went for a walk and continued working.

Typical stock photo you will see on any article about SEO

I’ve started a study of SEO: Search Engine Optimization.  People in the web field are always talking about it.  The idea is that you tailor your website so that it is easier to find via search engines.  There is lots of data captured about what people search for by Google and what web sites get found.  And there are reporting services that provide this information back to people like me who want to make my website more easy to find.

So I can see what top searches lead people to websites that might be my competitors.  Then I can tailor my site to be found by those same searches.  There seems to be surprisingly little black magic to the process and I found a very good set of tutorial videos that goes deep into it.  It will help me be found and is a service my potential clients will need as well.