Day 42 – 6 Weeks Done


It is 6 weeks since my surgery and I continue to recover well.  I slept really well last night.  It is so nice to be able to sleep normally in bed with my normal pillows, on my side.  It is comfortable.

I am finally having a complication from my procedure that I’ll call about today.  There appears to be the end of a thin metal wire just starting to protrude from my chest incision site.  It isn’t painful.  The wire end is sharp.  And it freaks me out.

I called the surgeon’s office and they suggested that the more likely thing is it is the end of a suture that has erupted to the surface.  This is normal and common.  I can snip it or I can come in and they can snip it.  If I snip it, they recommend toenail clippers that have been swabbed in alcohol and keep the area really clean.  Overall that was a relief over it being a wire since one weird thought was if there is an end of wire sticking out, could there be another wire end sticking something important inside?  I have many worried thoughts in general.

Otherwise I spent the day working.  I didn’t go through my usual crash at 3pm or 4pm.  Even by 7pm I was feeling ok.  I called it a night around 8pm and sat around being more social and went to bed.  Getting good sleep is helping.