Day 43 – Goodie Bag

I slept really well again so there may not be much to report going forward regarding sleep.  I’ve just been taking some aspirin at bed time and will cut that back tonight because it doesn’t seem necessary.  Taking a double dose of melatonin seems to be helping so I’ll keep up with that.

Surgery Goodie Bag

I went in to see the nurse at the surgeon’s office and she was unable to grab enough of the suture to snip it but sent me home with some antiseptic packets and tools so I can work on it when and if it protrudes more. For now I’m fine.

I’m feeling really normal the last few days which is really pleasant. My breathing into the inhaling meter is gradually getting better as I’m properly following the instructions. I do my stretching. I think being off of the pain pills is making me feel better as well (though it is really mostly getting good sleep).

I did have concerns with taking prescription opioids when I was taking them. There are so many stories about bad things that can happen that I read in the press. I felt a surprising amount of pressure from myself to be very very careful of them. To my relief I didn’t become a drug addict and only a couple of times had any symptoms that I would consider withdrawal related. I’ve really been fortunate with how pain free this entire process has been.

I spent the day working and cooked a beef roast for dinner. Dinner was good, I worked a bit more on some marketing related videos I’m doing and then went to bed.