Day 40 – Planes again

I think I slept better.  It was certainly different.  First I was back to my usual pillows which have me very flat.  I also didn’t take a pain pill since if I lay the right way, my chest muscles don’t really bother me.  I don’t remember if I slept on my back or side starting out.  Sleeping on my side is an amazing novelty at this point anyway.

Around 12:30am I woke up having been in the midst of a pretty annoying hallucinogenic dream.  It was something about how since I hadn’t taken a pain pill I needed to clear all of the letters off of this display board and the different letters meant different things.  Normally clearing the letters would have been easy but since I had only taken aspirin it was much harder.  And the dream wouldn’t stop and I was really tired and couldn’t sleep through it.  That was the annoying part.

So I got up for a while and took more aspirin and then was able to sleep pretty soundly for a few hours on my side (my preferred sleeping position prior to surgery).  I woke feeling sleepy, but not wiped out like yesterday.  I felt much better overall today.  I’m not willing to conclude that the strange dream was a reaction to *not* taking my pain pill but it was annoying.

Airplane Flying
Flying here and there.

My Girlfriend, Stepdad and I went to brunch.  My Mom was waiting for a new appliance delivery.  Then some more visiting and then off to the airport again for a longer parting.  I came back and after dinner watched instructional videos for a business project management system that looks interesting.  (Yes, really, what I do for fun on Sunday evening isn’t like other people…)  More about that as I get more into it.  I’m planning to keep sleeping with just aspirin or Tylenol as I need it and see how that is going.