Day 39 – Mesa Mercado

I slept solidly from arond 9:30 to 5am-ish.  I also was sleeping much more flat than normal which was nice.  I.e. fewer pillows.  I took a pain pill.  But I still felt tired.  I imagine I hadn’t slept well enough the previous couple of days.  After breakfast I took a 90 minute nap till around noon and felt better.

Mesa Mercado RestaurantMy Girlfriend and I went to lunch at Mesa Mercado in Carmichael and it was very good, she enjoyed it. Then we went back to my moms. I was feeling still very tired and checked my temperature and I was at 99.5 which is high for me. The surgeon instructions are to call in if I get a fever about 100.5 though I’m very far past any time of worry about infection related to surgery.  I took some tylenol and sat and rested. We watched a couple of shows.

My Girlfriend cooked dinner for us since I wasn’t really capable of cooking.  My fever went down and I felt a little better.  I decided to try to sleep without pain pills tonight.  Whatever discomfort I feel in my chest isn’t bad and if I keep my back straight it is ok.

I’ll probably have a hard time sleeping but I want to get away from prescription opioids.  There are some annoying side effects.  And not really any of the fun that you see glamorized in tv and film.