Day 32 – Lettuce

I went to bed and not long after took a pain pill and was able to more easily get through the night.  I’m nearly out of them but have enough to get through the weekend and call in for a refill Monday.  I didn’t have any bad dreams from them this time.  I was just feeling very uncomfortable and unable to sleep.

Tasty and normally good for you.

I went to the farmers market and a couple of other errands and then back home with my feet up.  I took a nap since I still didn’t sleep that well,  and woke up groggy.  We three went to California Pizza Kitchen and had an interesting discussion of Lettuce and E-Coli and industrialized farming.  I recommend seeking out the current FDA and CDC latest reports on the E-Coli outbreak.  After CPK I think I’m getting even less interested in dining at corporate restaurants.

On the way home we stopped at my apartment to pick up a couple of heavy kitchen things (cast iron braising pot and stone mortar and pestle).  I want to cook some oxtails next weekend and I have one big piece of pork shoulder frozen at my apartment that I’ll use for a version Cochinita Pibil that I like.

Overall I was very very low energy today.  More pain meds and good sleep tonight should help.  My only real accomplishment today was finding a source for watching season two of The Good Place.  My Girlfriend has mandated that I wait to see it with her.  It won’t be long so I’m ok.  I have other things to watch.  I see there is a new season of the football show “All or Nothing” on Amazon.  I know, I’m not a football fan but I’ve enjoyed the previous seasons.  If football can be edited to just the good parts I find it pretty entertaining.  Though the game ends up being about 5 minutes of footage I think…