Day 30 – Thursday

I didn’t take a pain pill last night and had a hard time finding a comfortable sleeping position.  It wasn’t the pain or even much discomfort but probably missing the relaxation that comes from the pain pills.  I’ll persist.  I think I slept pretty solidly after 4am.  Got up around 7 and took a mile walk.  I’ll start to lengthen the walk in a day or so more.

I spent the 2nd half of yesterday working on updated text for my company website.  I’m getting in my own way as far as getting it done and to the point where I’m ready to start really looking for clients.  I’m trying to be too perfect on too many things.  However the website needs revision and I have an approach that finally makes sense to me and I have a good enough version of the text done as of last night.

Today I’m working on the graphics and look and feel of the site. Hopefully it will be mostly put together by tomorrow.  I ended up spending a LOT of time on a part of the site that potentially needed to be hand designed.  Most of what I do uses tools that let me lay things out by dragging and dropping.  After several hours poking around I came to a compromise but I had to explore what is possible with my current knowledge.  I’ll need to find a specialist in this stuff for some future outsourcing.

I did talk to a couple of graphic designers online today who I may work with on future projects.  I’m collecting names and references so when new client projects come up,  I can hand off some parts of the work to others who specialize in the things I don’t.

Overall a good day.  I’m hoping I sleep better tonight and that should come with practice.  I also realize that I have not had a “bad” day in a while they way I was for the first couple of weeks.  I just move forward.  I feel pretty lucky about that.