qJumpStart My Heart | Day 29 - Just say No

Day 29 – Just say No

Slept ok though I think I’m going to stop taking pain pills.  I had an especially vivid nightmare and I’ve heard those can crop up when the pain pills are affecting less pain.  I slept well outside of that which was nice.

Went on a grocery outing with my mom.  Then spent the morning and some of the afternoon finishing up some new assignments and lecture notes for my Girlfriend’s coding class.  Most of her students are still in the middle of the material but there are a few who think they are done so I wanted to add some more material.  In truth, these student’s aren’t done yet, there are some nitpicking things they need to fix but they are close and bright kids.  This is an advanced class of 8th graders most of whom took the school required 7th grade coding class.

It has been really fun working with my Girlfriend and them on this. A long term question has been whether the curriculum we are developing could be used by other teachers whose Significant Other isn’t an expert coder. We don’t know the answer to that question yet but I ponder it from time to time.